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Grief and Life – After Your Child Dies


Also available in soft cover
By Jan Murray

When do you enjoy life again after the death of your toddler?


When does life get easier?

I found I had so many questions and so few answers after my toddler died.

I will put you in the picture of what happened…

In 1989 I was 28 years old, happily married and living in a new home with two beautiful, healthy, young children. Within moments the pain of grief pierced my heart. My toddler was dead and I experienced the absolute lowest point in my life and had no idea how I was going to survive. I wanted to die too.

It was at this time I was encouraged to keep a journal of my feelings and emotions which I did. Doing this exposed and off loaded my deepest emotions of grief. Little did I know then, that it was going to be a significant part of my healing process.

Read What if and discover how off loading and forgiving can help you move forward.

It took me two years to forgive myself and others and begin to heal but I did.
I welcome you to read my story to bring hope to yours.

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