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Twins and More


A book to help parents manage the early years of parenting twins.

Child health consultant Jan Murray and parents of twins and triplets share invaluable advice and insight for those who want to master the lifelong art of parenthood with twins and more.

Twins & More is based on Murray’s years of practice in the field of child healthcare and her own personal experience raising her five children.

Featured inside are true stories of parents of twins and childcare tips including what to do with sleeping, settling, feeding and other activities pertinent to twin baby and toddler care routines. Most importantly, this treasure trove of practical insights will help parents manage and even enjoy the challenging early years of parenting twins.

Incisive and informative, Twins & More is a must-read for first-time parents and an invaluable source of useful advice for those who want to learn and master the lifelong art of parenting. Not just a handy manual, Murray’s work offers a glimpse into the heart of raising a child. 

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