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Toilet Training


Just like breastfeeding, toilet training doesn’t always happen effortlessly and overnight.

Toddlers are moving from going to the toilet in their nappy (without thinking), to actively thinking about and acting on the urge to go to the toilet.

This is a complex process!

Toilet training is a stage of development that can seem complicated but with a little knowledge and practical tips, it can be much easier and far more enjoyable for both you and your toddler.

Many years of experience working with families in the child health field, as well as personal experiences of raising children has equipped me to compile some effective toilet training strategies.

The 10 page Take Aim Toilet Training eBook is a commonsense approach to toilet training.
It discusses when to start, how to start and what to expect and for how long.

Chapters include:
-When to Start
-How to Prepare Your Child For Toilet Training
-Checklist of Useful Items
-Time to Begin
-Other Hints
-Taking Aim
-Number 2s!
-In Summary

or if you prefer a more detailed look at toddlers as well as toilet training choose Being a Toddler eBook.