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I am Nearly 6 Months Old


Now that your baby is older and more active you may have noticed that she is more determined in showing you what she wants. You may feel she is calling the shots more than you would like her too. . .

Do you know what to expect with her eating, sleeping and play activities? Get a step ahead and find out what behaviors you can expect from her.

This 32 page i am nearly 6 months old eBook discusses relevant information as your baby progresses from 4 months through to 10 months. It is practical and easy to read.

Chapters include:

1. Family and Maternal well Being
2. Child Development
3. Play Time
4. Separation Anxiety
5. Sleep
6. Nutrition
7. Routines
8 Teething
10. Constipation
11. Oral Communication
12. Mosquito Protection
13. Sun Exposure
15. Post Natal Depression
16. Child Care Options
17. Acknowledgements, References and Further Reading

Is Your baby ready to start SOLIDS?

Download you copy today . . .