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Baby and Toddler Suggested Daily Routines


A routine helps to organise your day.

It also helps your baby and toddler know what is coming up next and strengthens his brain development with appropriate and repetitive patterns and sequences.

Routines help you avoid trying to get your baby and toddler to sleep when he is hungry or trying to feed him when he is tired.


Having a routine written down helps you focus when you are tired and days are a blur.

When you are exhausted and don’t know what you have already done or what you are supposed to be doing next, it helps to have information to follow.

When you persist with an appropriate routine, you’ll discover how having some structure in your day works. It helps you, and anyone else who helps out with your children, know what is happening.

Some parents enjoy routine better than others, and some babies do too but toddlers need routine to reduce the chaos!

Use a daily age appropriate routine

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