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CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a DAD. It isn’t an easy job but an extremely valuable one.

This eBook is a great resource for dads of babies and young children.

It is a massive responsibility to be a dad; not only caring for your offspring but being a valuable support for your partner.

This involvement is easier for some dads more than others.

Dads involvement of looking after himself, bringing in the money, raising his children and supporting his partner is vitally important. This DADS Only eBook will help.

‘The way in which fathers respond to their baby can have powerful effects on parent-infant attachment and future development,’  Nursing Review, 2007.

Learning practical skills to care for your baby is one key way you can take a more active role in parenting. The 26 page DADS Only eBook includes valuable hints, tips and information on practical skills that dads can use.

This resource covers one of the most difficult adjustments you will face after the birth of your baby – CRYING. Working out why they are crying and then knowing what to do to help. That includes partners and babies!!

Get involved and be prepared for your parenting journey ahead.

The DADS Only eBook chapters cover:

– Role models
– Nappy changing 
– Dad and baby activities
Bath time
– Basics of infant massage
– Breastfeeding and burping
– Crying
– Settling techniques that work
There is tired and overtired
– Bottle feeding tips
– Postnatal maternal changes
– A dads role
– Supporting your partner
– Intimacy, sex and contraception

Contributions and endorsement by Wolfgang Wildgrace: father, step father and men’s health teaching associate at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane