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How to Hold and Carry a Baby


Carry your baby in different ways. It evens up muscle development and enhances brain development as your baby views the world from different angles.

Change shoulders from one to the other – it helps him move his head in different directions.

Some babies like to lie stretched out across your arm looking up.

Other babies are more settled when carried facing down. In this position your forearm supports the tummy. Dads often like this position as they can move baby around like a football.

It is important to support the head and neck of a newborn but as your baby matures and the neck becomes stronger this will not be as important.

If you go for a walk – slings are a great idea in the early days. Make sure the sling or carrier encourages legs and hips to be spread apart (reduces risk of abnormal hip development). Not all babies enjoy the stroller and especially if the stroller faces outwards.

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Video footage by Tahnee Wimart