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Archive for September 2017

How to Get Your Toddler to Drive You Crazy?

There are FIVE key parenting skills that will produce a toddler who will drive you crazy. If you are the parent of an enthusiastic toddler and you haven’t worked out what these are yet, read on.

There are habits and daily practices that aggravate a toddler’s behaviour and others that will calm. Here are five ways to encourage a tantrum throwing, stubborn and argumentative toddler who generally sleeps poorly:

1. Let your toddler dictate when they eat and sleep every day.

Toddlers have bounds of energy, keen to investigate how objects work and how others react to what they do. Have you noticed a toddler doing something, then immediately turns to see what reaction they get? Toddlers think they haven’t got time to eat and they certainly can’t spare the time to sleep! A poorly balanced and fluctuating metabolism is a great way to encourage tantrums and argumentative behaviour.

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2. Let your toddler graze on as much packaged and processed foods laced with additives, colours and refined sugar as possible.

Allow your toddler free range of the fridge and pantry. Make sure it is stacked with packaged and convenience foods. After all, these foods are much easier and quicker to prepare, to pack on outings and they keep fresher for longer. Allowing your toddler time to graze constantly reduces the mess at meal times because they are generally not hungry. However, this type of diet may lead to digestive issues such as constipation, bloating or diarrhoea.

3. Have minimal outside play and let your toddler watch TV while you do what you want to do most of the day.

Toddlers learn by what they see, touch, feel, smell, taste and hear and television certainly offers two of those senses. Backyards are often too much work to look after and it is much easier to keep your toddler clean when they watch television. They can just snack while they sit mesmerized at the screen, which means at least they eat. This way you can avoid the mess and fussiness at mealtimes. Conversation around the family meal table is  replaced with television viewing.

4. Fill your toddler’s day with lots of outings, car trips and stroller rides leaving them little time to actively explore at their own pace.

Keeping your toddler busy with lots of outings is a great way to avoid messing up the house with toys. Confining them in strollers and car seats keeps them under control. This way there is no chance of having them run off and get into any mischief.

5. At the end of the day let your toddler dose on the lounge in front of the television while you prepare dinner.

Give your toddler a main meal of meat and vegetables, fruit and ice cream for dessert about 7pm when you have yours. When they refuse to eat allow them to get down and watch television until they decide they want to go to bed about 10pm. This ensures a reduced amount of sleep every night which ultimately leaves them chronically tired with poor concentration and reduced patience.

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Naturally, like most things, there are exceptions but generally speaking you can be assured of an exhilarating, frenetic and exhausting ride with your toddler by doing these things that I have outlined above.

This article was brought to you by Jan Murray, Private Child Health Consultant who is an internationally renowned expert in her field. Jan encourages parents in the area of infant sleep, nutrition, activities and family balance. She publishes regular ezine and blog articles to provide free parenting tips, tools and resources to educate and support those caring for young babies and children. For more online resources visit