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Archive for January 2017

Do you Know First Aid?

Jan Murray

I can recall in ONE DAY I had to administer first aid to three boys at my home – they were friends who were over playing with my children. First aid prevents an injury or situation becoming worse.

Most parents face the responsibility of administering first aid at some point to their own or other children. Gaining a first aid certificate or first aid skills will give you the calmness and confidence you need to act quickly.

It is reassuring for you to know how to act quickly in situations such as:
– Choking (partially or completely)
– Bites by a spider, bee, snake, tick or wasp
– Febrile convulsion
– Near drowning incident (more common than you would like to know and mostly in backyard pools)
– Falls and breaks a limb
– Burns with steam, hot fluids, flame, sun or chemicals (ingested or superficially to the skin).

Seek out a course nearby today. First Aid courses available around Australia

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This article was brought to you by Jan Murray, Private Child Health Consultant who is an internationally renowned expert in her field. Jan encourages parents in the area of infant sleep, nutrition, activities and family balance. She publishes regular ezine and blog articles to provide free parenting tips, tools and resources to educate and support those caring for young babies and children.